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RDS has just added (6/10/2018) the SQUARE credit card payment system to the RDS e-Commerce store. This provides an alternative to our long established PayPal process.

Some folks have had issues using PayPal. Although we have never discovered a problem in the store software, we have decided to add SQUARE as another path for payment.

SQUARE seems to work quicker as the customer never leaves the RDS website. As always, no credit card information is ever stored on RDS servers. We transmit CC information via SSL encryption and do not retain it .

SQUARE of course is brand new on RDS so there may be minor issues with this system, yet to be discovered. We have tested the process to our satisfaction but like PayPal, users may have a different experience. There is a link in the announcement on the front page of RDS for this new service, so customers can provide feedback via email. You are also welcome to post comments here in the blog about this new option.