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The Taig CNC Micro-mill is a smooth and accurate wax milling system for carving master models for my lost wax cast jewelry creations. Wax carving uses tools with end diameters down to 0.003 inches with step-over of only 20 percent. This requires five passes to cut the width of the tool. Wax carving requires a tremendous amount of movement action from the milling machine. My Taig Micro-mill is completely up to the task.

In this category section, I will demonstrate the many kinds kind of work my Taig Micro-mills are producing. Here are some links to previous examples of wax carving published in some of my other websites and blogs.

  • I will add more examples of the mill work the Taig Micro-mill can perform, including machining metal and other materials. I suggest you explore other posts contained in the websites above.

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