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Using 3D printing, I created a nice holding-case for precision components. This is a high quality plastic case for 1-2-3 Machine steel blocks. Machinist use these in set-ups and clamping arrangements for milling operations. Or any place a precision dimensioned steel block(s) can be used.

They are accurate blocks of steel, perforated with holes, some threaded for bolts. They measure exactly (within tolerance) one inch thick, two inches wide and three inches long. They can be used any way the machinist can imagine, They are made and sold in matching pairs

My blocks were purchased contained in a heavy paper fiber type box. That's where I store them when not in use. The box is well worn and wrapped with duct tape to hold it together. Not really a good home for precision parts. 

I designed this case to close tolerance to specifically hold the 123 blocks. The case can be any color or a selection of materials. The ones shown are made with industrial gray PETG and coral PLA plastic. I am printing a wood box as well. 

I will print custom colors to order for anyone interested. Send me a request or leave a comment here. The print file may also be made available. That will depend on demand. A cost will be shown when placed in the Kautzcraft section of the RDS store.

I don't know if there will be any demand for my new product, but if you have and use 123 blocks, they should be protected and kept safe from abuse and damage. A case for them like this one is secure storage.