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I am working on a high-speed spindle installation for the Taig Micro-Mill. It’s probably been done before (hasn’t everything?). This is my own original attempt.

I purchased an 800-watt (1 Horsepower) VFD spindle on Amazon. Dimensions are 65MM x 195MM, which is a reasonable physical size for the Taig Micro-Mill. The 1 HP is certainly overkill for the micromachining I perform. But smaller, lower power spindles I looked at were not VFD control, had poor runout specs, and only 12.000 RPM speed. Most were 100-volt DC motors with a collet holder on the shaft.

The spindle I chose is a four bearing (4 is a good spec), water cooled, 24,000 RPM, VFD controlled (3 phase motor). Speed is controlled by varying the frequency (up to 400 Hz), not varying the voltage. It is an Alternating Current motor, not a direct current motor. A VFD provides superior speed and power control for spindle operation.

Follow the conversion progress in The Hobbyist’s Machine Shop Blog

Full article now available HERE: https://thehobbyistmachineshop.com/cms/projects/high-speed-spindle-for-the-taig-micro-mill

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